Corporative/Builder Society now can join NOFAA : Board – NOFAA

Corporative/Builder Society now can join NOFAA : Board

NOFAA BOM meeting was held on 20th February 2021. This BOM was organized at Shubhkamna Apartment, club house, Sector 50 at 6 Pm. The board members discussed post pandemic strategies and its implementation in high rise societies.

Board has agreed to review & amend by-laws of Federations to make group housing & corporative/builder socieites as its member. Board also decided to release its charter by which all member AOA’s and society residents will be able to know that how & on what all areas they can get support from NOFAA. Board indicated that members riding on two or more Federation and are becoming counterproductive for NOFAA- strategy. In this meeting NOFAA president Rajiva singh, General secretary Prof. Rajesh Sahay, Ankit Shrivastava, Nisha Rai, Ramita taneja, Col. R.k. Gautam, A.K. Nauriyal, Sandeep Bhatt, Abdul Bari, Dinesh Batra, Col. Subhash Chandra, Alok Ranjan and other members were present.

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