How to deal with street dog? – NOFAA

How to deal with street dog?

If you are walkers, runners and cyclists in places where there is street dog menace then you keep remember these tips because now a day’s dog menace keeps increasing.  NOFAA President keep the discussions on with the administration to find solutions we still need to find ways in keeping ourselves protected from the aggression of these street canines.

There are some tips to be helpful for many.

 1. Carry protection. 

 a. You may choose to carry a large stick

b. A dog whistle

 c. Dog deterrent spray

 d. Look for a whistle that irritates dogs. You can blow the whistle and most dogs will run away from you.

2. Avoid looking at the dog directly in the eyes. Don’t make eye contact because the dog could see it as a challenge. Instead, watch the dog in your peripheral vision.

3. Keep your mouth closed. Baring teeth is a sign of aggression for dogs, so smiling or having your mouth open can signal to the dog that you are a threat. Instead, press your lips together to hide your teeth.

 4. Spray water on the dog. Carry a spray bottle or a water bottle that has a nozzle. If you are approached by an aggressive dog, spraying it with water can get it to run off.

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