Monthly District Environment Committee meeting – NOFAA

Monthly District Environment Committee meeting


Very productive meeting with Shri Suhas LY , DM, Shri Pradeep Srivastava, DFO and the entire administration team of three authorities of the district.

Two main points raised by NOFAA

  1. Concern over depleting water levels in the district. Some places earlier water table was available at 40 ft which has gone down to 140 ft . All RWAs and AOAs to make sure that the rain water harvesting systems are functional, and if not , authorities should help to make them functional.

DM very much appreciated the suggestion and added it to the minutes . DM also added that while doing so , the authorities should make sure not to make it another inconvenient process for societies ( RWAs / AOAs)

  1. Involvement of RWAs and AOAs for tree plantation drives by the administration.

DM welcomed this point and added this in the minutes of the meeting.

Other important points discussed during the meeting

  1. Revival of water bodies in the district
    2 . Concern over illegal RO plants being used for commercial purposes. To be sealed immediately.
  2. Shri Rahul Dev Sharma , Nodal officer for the district of the Underground Water Authority has been instructed to share steps which are being taken to control illegal water extraction and recharging of ground water. 4 . Production of polythene less than 50 microns to be completely stopped at the manufacturer’s end.

And several other points . Minutes shall be shared by the DFO office very soon .

Warm regards ,
Rajiva Singh ,President, NOFAA

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