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NOFAA demands separate hand over cell for high rise societies

NOFAA President Shri Rajiva Singh wrote letter to Smt. Ritu Maheshwari, CEO, Noida Authority, related handing over of high rise societies by builders to AOA’s. He mentioned that high rise societies faced endlessly difficulties in handing over of societies by builders to the AOA’s.

NOFAA demands that we should have a dedicated cell in the administration, which can solely take up handing over processes in societies. A dedicated officer for such activities would be of great help.

One of the biggest difficulties faced endlessly by high rise societies has been the handing over process of societies by builders to the Apartment Owners Associations.

  • Majority buyers of high rise apartments are inexperienced and lack knowledge on various facilities which are being handed over , viz. civil infrastructure, firefighting equipments, power backups, generators, lift operation, funds, club houses etc. The buyers are also not well trained in various intricacies of handing over processes. On the other hand builders are shrewd business groups, and conveniently manage to manipulate the stake holders (buyers) interests.
    The end result is , after the handing over is completed, over a period of time , the Association ( buyers ) realize that several facilities are missing and there is a big disconnect from what was initially promised by the builder. And the miseries do not end with this , the buyers now blame Associations for doing a shoddy job in “handing over” from the builder , along with other serious allegation.
  • UP Apartment Act 2010 clearly defines that hand over of any society from builder to AOA has to be executed, once the AOA is formed. This implies that builder should handover the society maintenance , common facilities ,along with IFM, drawings, common areas, maintenance etc to AOA in a stipulated time frame.
  • A Noida Authority dedicated cell can ensure to audit, identify and record all the shortcomings of the high rise societies which could be in Power supply, power backup & water supply, STP functioning , SWM16 compliances etc at the time of handing over and needles to say that builder made accountable for completion in case of any such pendency.
    It is very much desired that builders refund the amount of IFMS to AOA , and in case of default, this should be recovered from various options like unsold inventories in the respective societies etc.
  • It should also be ensured that all the dues on account of land dues, lease rent, water and power connection and consumption charges, penalties imposed by govt agencies are paid by builder before handover date and no liabilities are left over for buyers / AOAs.
  • In the absence of required support from Noida Authority, Federations like us, often fall short of extending our complete assistance and support to AOA’s in these challenging times.
  • Considering the above situation and suffering of home buyers, suggest a dedicated cell in the administration , which can solely take up handing over processes in societies ( builders ) along with AOAs. A dedicated officer for such activities would be of great help. The home buyers and the AOAs have been struggling every day to find solutions and counter the high-handed builder attitude . Intervention from your good office will definitely bring in relief to a large number of home buyers suffering for long.

    Copy Shared to :
    Shri R K Tiwari , Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh

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