NOFAA – Scaling reachability to residents – NOFAA

NOFAA – Scaling reachability to residents

Noida Federation.of Apartment Owners Associations- a Federation formed in pursuance of Clause 48 of Model-Bye-laws which is reproduced below:-. “48.Affiliation- The Association SHALL become a member of a federation of the Association of Apartment Owners and SHALL pay the subscription to it from time to time and SHALL ALSO follow the instructions and directions issued by such federation.”.

This indicates the mandatory requirements for AoAs to become member, pay subscription and comply with directions issued by the Federation

1.Also NOFAA Registered deed defines ‘constituent’ as AoAs under UP Apartment Act 2010 with a proviso that RWAs formed before or after commencement of UP Apartment Act 2010 will deemed to be AOAs.

The deed ,however, is silent about other like minded Residents Associations to join Federation VOLUNTARILY or otherwise to further its cause

  1. NOFAA is expected to take up all Civic issues and matters of Common interest of AOAs of Member-Societies with Noida Authority, Health Deptt., Traffic Deptt., Fire Deptt., District Administration, Police Authorities, Registrar, Societies, Firms & Chits, Lucknow, Dy.Registrar, Societies, Firms & Chits, Meerut, U P Govt. etc etc
  2. NOFAA’s strength is derived from the NUMBER of its members
  3. Coop-Group Housing Societies situated in NOFAA’S area of operation, impressed by the yeoman service rendered by NOFAA, have expressed their desire to add to NOFAA’s voice by joining it voluntarily and willingly paying subscription
  4. It is noted that the objects of these societies are identical to that of AoAs and there is no conflict what so ever with the above cited objects of NOFAA contained in para 4.

“Accordingly, it was proposed in the Board Meeting by the President that these societies be admitted to NOFAA by amending it’s By laws. As a matter of caution, for the time being, such associations will not be given voting rights”

The above proposal was placed before BOM, in the first instance, for consideration and was passed unanimously. Same will seek GB’s approval for amending NOFAA’s Bylaws and intimate to Dy Registrar for record accordingly.

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