NOFAA wrote a letter to ACEO – NOFAA

NOFAA wrote a letter to ACEO

Ms. Neha Sharma, ACEO, IAS

Mr. Rajiva Singh, President NOFAA wrote a letter to AECO, Ms. Neha Sharma, IAS, Noida Authority on the 19th of January with reference to his earlier meeting with Ms Sharma, also attended by Prateek Stylome society representatives Shri H K Awathi, President , Shri Girish Bansal , Secretary and Shri Raj Kumar , Member .
This meeting was about the pending issues of Prateek Stylome Sector 45, Noida which arise mainly due to the insensitive builder approach in handing over process of the apartments. Mr. Singh thanked her for patiently listening in trying to find a solution to this issue.

The following points were discussed as given below;

  1. IFMS pending after reconciliation amounting Rs. 160.54 Lacs . This is the balance amount, cheques of the same which have got dishonored.
  2. Pending payments of positive balance in prepaid meter on the date of transfer i.e. 31.08.2019 after reconciliation amounting Rs.49.46 Lacs.
  3. Completion of pending items viz .
    (a)installation of DG set 625KV (b)completion of squash court,sauna, spa, steam & jacuzzi in club house,
    (c) CCTV in lifts & basement
  4. Fire safety efficiencies like Fire doors etc.still pending . A big safety risk for the residents.
  5. Completion of several other statutory requirements.

The details on all above points have already been shared through various earlier communications.

Mr. Rajiva Singh assured his support in resolving problems along with Ms. Neha Sharma’s intervention which will bring great relief to the home buyers of Prateek Stylome.

Further a copy of the above pointers was also shared with Smt Ms. Ritu Maheshwari, IAS ,CEO ,Noida Authority, President and Secretary, AOA , Prateek Stylome.

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