NOFAA wrote a letter to CEO, NA – NOFAA

NOFAA wrote a letter to CEO, NA

NOFAA Secretary General Prof. Rajesh Sahay wrote a letter to CEO, Noida Authority, Smt. Ritu Maheshwari on 17th March 2021 as earlier request dated 12th February 2021 regarding strict monitoring of the Green Belt of Noida. Prof. Sahay wrote that, we see that there is Green Belt area in every sector of Noida. Good number of trees is planted there. Some are even 10 to 15yrs. old. They are our life line and contain growing pollution to save our life. We are writing this letter for your immediate attention to these Green belts of Noida:

In some green belts gates are missing. Free entry for all and used as a follow through, Some are not having their proper boundary wall, All Encroachment in the green belt should be cleaned, In some green belts trees are missing. They are either cut or uprooted. In this case few more trees can be planted. There are green belts developed as a waste & garbage dumping place should be cleaned. Further new green belts can be planned. We request to your good self to check the deteriorating condition of this precious green wealth of Noida.

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