Noida: RT-PCR samples of vaccinated healthcare workers taken to analyse post-jab infection – NOFAA

Noida: RT-PCR samples of vaccinated healthcare workers taken to analyse post-jab infection


NOIDA: To analyse the chances of people testing positive for the coronavirus (Covid-19) disease post-vaccination, the Gautam Budh Nagar district administration has taken the RT-PCR samples of as many as 311 doctors and paramedics, who have taken both doses of vaccines, from three private hospitals on Saturday. The reports of the tests, however, are expected by Monday evening.

District magistrate Suhas LY said: “As the standard genetic RT-PCR tests are considered the golden standard for Covid-19 tests, it will be the most accurate detector of infectious cases after the vaccination, if any. The results will also be a useful tool for mass screening programs in the district,” he said.

“The district has achieved its target of inoculating 65,048 persons belonging to the senior citizen category and people over 45 years having co-morbidities. For the coming month, we have doubled the target as the government has allowed everyone over 45 years for vaccination from April 1,” he said.

Echoing similar views, chief medical officer (CMO) Dr Deepak Ohri said that the Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) method was preferred instead of the rapid antigen tests due to their accuracy. “Antigen tests can give results within minutes and are cheaper than genetic RT-PCR tests. But they’re not as sensitive as RT-PCR tests and can miss cases where people have low levels of the virus in their system. On an average, we are conducting 4,000 tests every day, which will be increased to 7,000 tests per day,” he said.

The CMO further said that in the current situation, early and timely tracking of new cases is the main focus of the health department. “At present, most of the infected patients are under home quarantine,” he said.

Ohri also said that out of the 400-odd random testing in bordering areas of Ashok Nagar, bus stands and metro stations in Botanical Garden since Thursday, no one was found Covid-19 positive.

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