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Reopening of School

“When you talk about the pain, You talk about sufferings; Here growth is the hidden secret, Remember: Life has many offerings”
The year 2020 has been bedlam, but the strong family of ours has been robust.
We stood together and fought these odd times. We have left no stone unturned to lend hands to its family members. Each student has always been in our prayers and thoughts.
The school has always believed in growth, determination and we have set our limits only to the sky.

The decision of re – opening school has been tough, as we were going to take a dominant step in the education field.  But we know the school has wings only with a supportive staff and extraordinary students.  Imparting education through nurturing and healing is the most quixotic approach we have set in our premises. In school, we believe in a holistic approach to the development of the child. The pandemic could not slide out our perseverance to encourage our child; rather we have held strong determination that no detrimental situation could jeopardize our strong will of imparting education to our children. We have been guiding each of our students, interacting with them and evading each hurdle refraining us from reaching out to them.

We appreciate the constant support of our students and their parents. Eager to explore more ways of relaying knowledge. 

By Mrs Bhawna Khanna, Principal Officiating, DPS, Gautam Budhha Nagar

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