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Streamlining AOA election process in high rise societies

Apartment Owners Associations are the extended arms of the administration. They provide selfless services and play important role in implementing various government policies. They play a major role in building community living and bring about behavioral changes for better quality of life in the high rise societies.

NOFAA President Shri Rajiva Singh wrote letter to Smt. Ritu Maheshwari, CEO, Noida Authority, demands a team of volunteer election officers under an AOA Nodal Officer can also be designated by the authority as observers for conducting all elections in the district

  1. The pandemic has been a great learning for all of us The AOAs have done an outstanding job during this pandemic by providing selfless services for the high rise dwellers. Your good office has recognized this fact by rewarding many of the AOAs and their board members.
  2. The Associations are democratically elected bodies governed with the bylaws of the UP Apartment Act 2010 and Society Registration Act 1860 . The elections in several societies have been delayed or not held due to restrictions on conducting elections by Registrar Lucknow till 30th June 2020. And post June 2020 due to lack of communication/ instructing and clarity on situation arising due to the pandemic .
  3. The delay in elections has give rise to conflicts between various internal groups in societies . Counter allegations start and brings in unrest in societies. Operations of AOAs become tough and also in the process creates discouraging atmosphere for new members to come forward in formation of AOAs . The end result being , residents suffer. The need to stream line the entire process is very important.
  4. Public money being at stake, it becomes all the more important to have checks and balances in the system. Digitization of entire process would be of immense help. The data base could be on due date of elections, audit reports , renewals, members etc.

The objective of above suggestions is to streamline our entire processes and improve the quality of life of the citizens.

Copy to :

  1. Shri R K Tiwari , Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh
  2. Registrar Firms Societies and Chits Lucknow
  3. DM ,GB Nagar
  4. Dy Registrar, Meerut
  5. Smt Neha Sharma, IAS , ACEO, Noida

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