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NOFAA wants Ganga water supply in high rise societies

NOFAA President wrote a letter to CEO of Noida Authority, Shri R K Tiwari, Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Shri Suhas L. Y., District Magistrate, GB Nagar regarding Ganga water supply in high rise societies and resident of Noida. Mr. Rajiva singh wrote that it has been our constant endeavor in taking up various civic issues of Noida in order to improve the quality of life of the residents.

And also our common objectives have been to help in creating a sustainable township and development ease of living. In continuation to NOFAA effort, we would like to highlight some serious water related issues being faced by high rise dwellers, over a period of time.
The Ganga water supply in several high rise societies has been inconsistent.

The supply comes twice days and that too for a very short duration. Quite often that too gets restricted, leaving residents with shortage of water supplies. Examples are several societies in sector 50, 62, 61 and 7X and several other sectors spread across Noida.
The TDS levels have been much higher from prescribed standards of edible water, forcing residents to use filters / ROs/water treatment plants. This results in wastage of large volumes of water. And resulting in extra financial burdens. There have been instances when the TDS levels have crossed beyond 1000. The filters even, under such circumstances, fail to provide the desired corrections.
Several face affordability challenges in installing these expensive systems and hence are left with no choice but to get exposed to health hazard. The residents (each apartment) pay approximately Rs 5000 as annual charges towards water billing to the administration; irrespective of their consumption patterns. The least what the citizens would expect is a clean and safe drinking water direct from the tap.

(a) It is very important that water meters are installed on the main water lines of all societies as well as for individual apartments so that societies and residents can be charged as per their individual water consumption patterns rather than based only on the infrastructure provided.

(b) Separate water billing / charges for commercial users which are part of many societies, shops, saloons, restaurants etc. needs to be considered.
The above billing system (apartment based) will also make people accountable on the water usage and also help to conserve water.

NOFAA has been actively participating in awareness programs on rain water harvesting. Societies having working RWH infrastructure should also be given benefits in terms of subsidies to encourage the residents to participate in contributing in improving the water table of the region.
He Requested to all that kindly look into the matter and take necessary steps for solving the long pending issue, so that the water supply and quality of water can be improved for the region.

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