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Residents troubled with stray dog menace in Noida

Meghdutam park is the pride of Noida, but nowadays stray dogs are attacking on morning walkers. Every day we heard news related to this. In this Covid situation there is a big challenge of getting anti rabies vaccines. For that NOFAA president wrote a letter to deputy General Manager of Noida Authority shri S.K. Gupta cc with Shri Rajeev Tyagi , General Manager and Shri Alok Tandon, CEO, of Noida Authority. Shri Rajiva Singh requested letter of stray dog menace in Noida.

The stray dogs menace still continues in Noida. In fact, it seems to be increasing every day.  Have been given to understand there are more 15,000 of these canines across Noida. The already large population of these canines has been growing out of proportions across noida. This has been greatly restricting the movement of children and senior citizens on roads, primarily because of the fear of being chased or bitten by them. The loud barking of these dogs near the societies during night time, forces residents to shut their windows for getting a peaceful night’s sleep.

NOFAA Request Noida Authority to engage better agencies and involve RWAs from sectors, identify RWA/ AOA representatives for feedback and create check points for better execution.

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