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Noida slum fire: Most of victims rendered homeless


Noida: Most of the 150-odd families, who have been rendered homeless in the massive fire which gutted their homes in Bahlolpur village on Sunday afternoon, are left without a shelter.

A majority of them work odd jobs to make ends meet.

Mintu, a rickshaw puller, said his livelihood is at stake. “I came from Chapra in Bihar three years ago in search of livelihood. I recently bought a cycle-rickshaw to earn and support my family. The fire completely damaged the vehicle and I am now jobless. I have lost roti, kapda and makan,” he said, adding that goods and valuables inside his shanty were also burnt.

Babita Devi managed to pull her two-year-old son just in time to safety when the fire broke out. “The boy was playing outside when the fire took place. He was not even wearing pants. Now, we have no money to buy clothes to cover him,” she lamented.

There were many who were forced to escape leaving all their valuables behind, while many lost even their mobile phones in the blaze. Kusum Devi, another resident, said: “Our two motorcycles, some property documents, cash, clothes, etc. have all been lost in the fire. My husband was in the scrap dealing business. He had bought some scraps and stored them in the neighbourhood recently. All the goods have been reduced to ashes and our livelihood is at stake,” she said.

A team of the Noida police reached the spot for documentation of the affected families. The personnel noted down their names, mobile numbers and addresses and assured them of help in rebuilding their lives.

A group of locals also gathered at the spot after getting to know and said they will extend support to the victims.

Hari Kishore Kumar, a local resident and office-bearer of a political party, said his organisation has decided to make arrangements for food for the affected people till they are re-settled. “We have brought milk, bread and other eatable items for them. We will also provide them meals till the situation normalises,” he said.

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