My name is Antika and I am a freelancer FineArtist. - NOFAA

My name is Antika and I am a freelancer FineArtist.

Hi, I am Artist Antika, a creator at My Canvas Color located in Noida, Greater Noida, India. I am a trained, qualified versatile artist having over 12 year of experience in Portrait designing, Oil color paintings, Acrylic, Charcoal, Soft Pastel, Glass marking sketches etc. I have a passion, flare and the deep rooted interest and understanding in creating the Art pieces. I have made multiple Handmade Artwork like Portraits, Landscapes, Wall Art, Thought-work, Indian Art, Spiritual & Positive Art etc. Submit a photograph and I can turn it into beautiful handmade Portrait. I have created over 100 portraits in these past 12 years and can create these abstract arts by putting creativity.
Reach out to us to know more or to learn about the specific paintings.
Looking a Sketch for Gift or a Sketch Artist, Portrait Artist using oil colors, acrylics and water colors, then I am your right contact.


If you wish to avail my services. Please find the my contact details below.

OffersComing Soon!!

I can be Reached at

Society Name:-Prateek Wisteria
Website :-
Address :- L 1104, Prateek wisteria, Noida, sector 77




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