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Document checklist for handing over from Builder

For high rise societies which are struggling in finding ways to take over society operations from the builder, following bullet points may help them for a smooth handover .  The document is compilation of simple guidelines ( check list ), shared by our members who have already gone through this experience . The process could vary from society to society, however, these core pointers remain the same .

 We shall keep updating this document, as we move forward. All those societies who have already gone thru this experience, would request, to kindly share your experiences other than the stated in the document, so that the same can be updated accordingly.

DRAFT Version HOD 1.0
Handing over document – check list: 
(Major contributions Shri Deepak Kumar , Shri Namit Gautam and other members )

1. Project Approval from Noida Authority
A . Copy of Permission letter for construction from Noida Authority
B . Copy of Approved building drawings

2. Land related documents
A . Copy of Registry
B. Copy of Consortium lettter
C . Copy of Consortium lettter for Sub Division
D. Copy of Possession Order
E. Copy of Kabja Patra
F. Copy of Payment receipts for lease rent
G. Copy of payment receipts of Land installments
H. Copy of No dues certificate from Noida Authority

3. Project Completion Documents
A . Copy of Completion Certificate
B. Copy of Final Building drawings

4. No Objection Certificate (NOC) .
A .Copy of NOC for Environment Clerance
B. Copy of NOC form Pollution department
C. Copy of NOC from Airport
D. Copy of NOC of Green building certificate
E. Copy of NOC from Fire fighting department Meerut, Drawings to be attached
F. Copy of soil testing report

5. Water & Sewer Connnection 
A. Copy of Water connection and Payment receipt, dated
B. Copy of monthly payment recipts

6. Electricity Connection
A. Copy of Electricity load sanctioned with payment receipt,
B. Copy of schedule for increase of Electricity Load
C. Copy of Meter connection – 750 Kw
D. Copy of reveised schedule for increase of Electricity Load ( if any)
E. Copy of demand letter and receipt of Payment for 1st increase – 750+750=1500            Kw
F. Copy of Meter sealing certificate
G. Copy of demand letter and receipt of Payment
H. Copy of IOM from Electricity department, dated 26.08.17 for connection of 3000Kw laod
I. Copy of Meter Sealing certificate

7 . Insurance
A. Copy of Building Insurance,
B. Copy of renewal of Building Insurance
C. Details on Units of Flats and commercial are attached with policies.
D. Insurance for various periods

8. DG Sets (….. KVA)
A. Copy of invoices
B.Copy of NOC from Ghaziabad
C.Copy of Test Certificate
D.Copy of Comissioning report
E.Latest service reports
F.Quotation for AMC

9. Transformer –
A. Copy of Invoices
B.Copy of Test certificate
C.Copy of Warranty certificate
D.Copy of NOC from Ghaziabad and Lucknow
E.Quotation of AMC is awaited
F.Latest Service report

10 Lifts –
A. Copy of Invoices of all lifts
b)Copy of handing over certiciates of all lifts
c)Copy of License / in sepection letter of all 17 lifts
d)Copy of Annual maintenance schedule of all lifts

11. Assets Inventory
A . Documents related CCTV & barriers
b)Documents related to STP
c)Copy of License / in sepection letter of all 17 lifts
d)Copy of Annual maintenance schedule of all lifts

Project approval documents.
A.Land related documents like registry etc
B.Project completion documents.
C.No objection certificates.
D.Electricity, Water and sewer connection documents.
E.Insurance related documents

1. Documents related to Lifts, DG’s, transformers etc
2 . Asset Inventory & Documents related to all movable & Immovable items.
3. Details of car parking slot allotment  and which can be sold later .
4. Details of Electricity load and distribution of EB(Grid) & DG power supply.
5 . Vendor contact details
6. Detail of Financial accounting (incl IFM, Sinking fund & maintenace accounts)

Make sure we receive :
1 . Structure diagram ( In case of Seepage every agency demands it)
2. Electric panel diagrams for maintenance purposes
3. water supply line, drainage line, sewer line diagram for maintenance purposes
4. All related drawings soft copies also should be handed over.
5. Final measurements records by builders

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