Flat buyers may get upto 28% relief in Registry Amount with FAR Certificate - NOFAA

Flat buyers may get upto 28% relief in Registry Amount with FAR Certificate

Home buyers get big relief after a 2-3 years long wait. Noida Authority issues F.A.R. certificate for 2 societies of Noida. Further this will reduce the cost of Registry for the flat owners by 25-28% on an average. You are aware builders have been selling flats on basis of FALSE SUPER AREA, an area which did not exist on the ground, and was inflated by nearly 46-48% over and above covered area which was fundamentally wrong. The circle rate booklet defines super area = covered area + common area. so covered arsa had to certified which they did now.

To counter this it was upon Noida Authority to certify this super area which they could not do as this terminology SUPER AREA did not exist in building bylaws of Noida so they stated in the certificate that they do not certify super areas.

“Pay stamp duty only on certified “covered area +20%” as “chargeable super area”. 

Mr. Joinder singh from Amrapali Zodiac, Sector 120 and Mr. Chakresh Jain from Prateek wisteria, Sector 77 filed an application to CAP/GM Planning department, Noida Authority, and after long follow up they got the FAR certificate for the entire society, this will help other residents also.

What is a FAR certificate and how to get it ?

Now every society should apply to CAP/GM PLANNING Noida Authority with a table chart all types of flats in their societies and their carpet, built-up areas asking them to certify the covered areas.

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) certificate is issued by a concerned authority which indicates the correlation between the plot area on which the building is constructed and the building floor area that can be used or is allowed to be used by an apartment owner.

Apartment registry fee is being calculated on the so-called “super area” whereas the FAR certificate indicates the actual covered area (carpet area + walls) allotted to an apartment owner on which the actual registry fee must be calculated.

“Any individual Apartment owner or an AOA can submit simple application along with any documents you have such as : Building Floor Plan, Apartment Layout, Project Map etc.” Or without any of these documents if you do not have, to the GM Planning department of concern authority to get the FAR certificate for respective Housing project.

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