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Timely Screening can prevent Cervical Cancer

A 57-year-old lady came with the symptoms of Carcinoma Cervix. After investigations she was found to have advanced stage of Carcinoma Cervix. Unfortunately because of ignorance and the scare of COVID she did not see a doctor and hence the disease progressed. Since she had an advanced disease, she had to go through Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Her 36-year-old daughter came for screening post this episode as she thought she might be pre-disposed to the condition as well. Her Pap smear was done, her report was positive for HSIL which is a pre-cancerous condition.

Following this, a colposcopy biopsy was done and she was treated with LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) – a treatment to remove cells and tissue in a women’s lower genital area. She is now under regular follow up and doing extremely well. She has conceived and is pregnant and will be delivering a baby soon.

We learn from this family that ignorance of symptoms or avoiding screening helps the disease to progress which in turn leads to more aggressive management with probably two or even three treatment modalities which make the treatment period more complex and longer for the patient.

Thus concluding, in such conditions, the physical, emotional and financial burden keeps on increasing which could have been easily avoided.

I strongly urge every women above 25 years to opt for proactive screening when she feels any symptoms to prevent Cervical Cancer.

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