Mass Signature campaign for the environment conservation

Mass Signature campaign for the environment conservation

Human survival is impossible in the absence of a healthy environment. Our environment includes all living and non-living elements, as well as their interactions within a natural ecosystem. Environmental conservation has emerged as a critical problem that must be tackled in order to combat climate change and global warming. Sustainable development is the only way to preserve Mother Earth from the consequences of industrialisation. To make a human being aware and to bring change to society’s causes,, we here by starting an online Mass Signature campaign for the environment conservation

Dr. Neeraj Awasthy

“Since its inception in 1987,Modern School,Noida has been primarily focusing on the developmental education and over-all growth of the students. Thus, in the same regard,it has schemed to contribute towards social responsibility and instill a sense of belonging, identity, and dutifulness amongst its young leaders .Through the mass signature campaign-Save Planet.Save Mother Earth, the school endeavours to bring in a change for social cause and welfare. ” Dr. Awasthy, Principal, Modern School


I pledge to serve my Nation as the most dutiful and conscientious citizen. I will conserve the environment and biodiversity through afforestation, upcycling adequate consumption of resources, pollution control, soil & forest conservation and waste management I affirm to restore the ecological balance by practising all above.

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Why Environmental Conservation Important ?

Working for environmental protection has become essentially vital in modern times. The following points highlight the critical necessity to protect the environment from further degradation:

  • To decrease pollution in the air, water, and land
  • To make natural resource conservation easier for future generations
  • To guarantee biodiversity conservation
  • To put in place sustainable development
  • to reestablish ecological equilibrium
  • To protect our world from the devastating effects of global warming

What exactly is environmental conservation?
Environmental conservation is a practice that prepares the way for individuals, organizations, and governments to safeguard the environment and natural resources.

Several major environmental challenges are wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Overpopulation, hydrological challenges, ozone depletion, global warming, deforestation, desertification, and pollution are all serious threats to humanity’s survival. It is foolish to expect positive progress until environmental conservation becomes an effective mass movement, especially in the age of digital media, which has the potential to spark a revolution to preserve our world from destruction.

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