Supertech Capetown Residents organized ‘Buddhi Shuddhi Havan’ for builder - NOFAA

Supertech Capetown Residents organized ‘Buddhi Shuddhi Havan’ for builder

Residents of Supertech Capetown, a residential society Sector 74, Noida, are once again standing against the hike in maintenance charges. As per the residents, YG Estate, the maintenance agency of the society, increased the maintenance charge. However, residents alleged that the facility head did not share any further notice with them. Earlier, the maintenance charge was Rs 2.25 per square foot but now it has been increased to 2.60 per square foot. The residents are not happy with this hike. Arun Sharma, AOA President of the society says, “Insolvency proceedings have been initiated against Supertech by the National Company Law Tribunal and an IRP has been appointed, yet Supertech or IRP has suddenly increased the maintenance charges drastically without the consent of the residents of Capetown.” Mangla Jain, a resident of the society says, “There is no need to increase maintenance charges. The facilities provided by the builder are pathetic. This Supertech builder is in insolvency, so who gave him rights to increase maintenance charges. About 1700 flats in this society are unregistered.

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