Aqua Line to shut down few stations – NOFAA

Aqua Line to shut down few stations

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) is slated to shut down some stations on the Aqua Line in order to speed up its operations from Noida to Greater Noida and cut down the travel time.
NMRC’s managing director, Ritu Maheshwari, announced this decision during the Republic Day programme where she informed the gathering that the stations receiving little footfall will be shut down.

The Aqua Line operated on Tuesday at intervals of 15 minutes. The footfall recorded till 6pm was 3, 881. The NMRC ridership has been on a steady rise since it opened doors to passengers in September last year. The highest footfall after the lockdown has been recorded as 11,511 on January 12. After lockdown, truncated services on the corridor had resumed on September 7 and 600 passengers had taken trains on the line that day. Before lockdown, the daily footfall on the line was about 28,000.

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