Extremely poor AQI in Delhi NCR - NOFAA

Extremely poor AQI in Delhi NCR

It is very unfortunate that year on year we keep going through the ordeal of extremely poor AQIs  in the NCR region. Polluting  vehicles and construction dust  are the major contributors . And  with the  meteorological  challenges of slow winds and drop in temperature , these four winter months literally convert the NCR  region  into a ” gas chamber “. Respiratory sufferings increase.Itchy throat and watery eyes are  common side  effects.  Long term  exposures are of  much more serious nature . 

To add to the miseries , stubble burning in farming states does further damage .Diwali crackers add in  deteriorating air quality. The days immediately after Diwali are ruthless , especially in this  post covid era  when several people are still recovering from lung infections.

What is needed are strong measures throughout the year like penalties for defaulters who are  generating pollution, more smog towers,  planting trees , EV more on roads , use of public transport,  cycling tracks for works , e cycles etc, said by Rajiva Singh, President, NOFAA.

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