Ghaziabad’s power infrastructure set for Rs 500 crore overhaul – NOFAA

Ghaziabad’s power infrastructure set for Rs 500 crore overhaul

Under the scheme, the power department plans to set up 39 new substations and upgrade the capacity of 70 of the existing 149 substations. Some 1536 transformers will also be installed and the most importantly 22315 km to power lines will be changed across the district. This scheme, with the outlay of over 3 lakh crore, aims to improve the operational efficiency and financial sustainability of discoms in order to strengthen the power supply infrastructure in the country.They will spend Rs 500 crore in Ghaziabad over the next five years, and They intend to overhaul the power infrastructure in the entire district. The work will include pre-paid metres,enhancing the capacity of sub-stations. 

In the survey, it has been revealed that the city needs 39 new substations and of the existing 149 substations, the capacity of 70 will be augmented, the chief engineer said. Based on power demand and the projected population, they will focus on the problem of overloading and from that part we will have to work to replace 12,429 km of 11 KV lines in the entire district. The 132 KV lines which supply power to ciss Hindon areas from four substations – Morta, Lal Kuan, Rathi Espat and DPS – are also in poor state and during high demand heats up, resulting in outages. The line loss which refers to power that is lost in an electrical conductor during the transmission and distribution phase.this loss is due to both technical reasons as well as power theft.

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