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How builders are adding to the road jams in high rise residential areas?

Cars parked in front of high rise society shopping complexes are oftenly encroaching the roads and leading to road jam.This is common issue being faced in all the high rise residential areas of Noida, Greater Noida and Indirapuram

Why are these cars parked on the road?Are these cars allowed to be parked on the road?

When a builder is allotted land by development authorities like NOIDA,GNIDA for group housing projects it has usage of the land very clearly defined. Registered lease deed of land being used for group housing projects has the details whether the land can be used for only residential purpose or mix usage (Residential plus commercial).

Need of the hour is that local development authorities like NOIDA,GNIDA,GDA should take cognisance of this and strict actions against such developers should be taken in public interest.

Those group housing project which have only approval of land being used as residential purpose only are allowed to have shopping complex but only for residents of society and such shops are known as “convenient shops” not as commercial shops. Convenient Shops are allowed upto one percent of the total allowed FAR in the project.Ideally such shopping complexes should have boundary wall all around and entry from only inside of society should be there for residents.Most of the group housing projects falls under this category as lease of residential land is much less in cost than mix usage land.

Most of the developers are openly defaulting the condition of land usage rule and instead of  constructing wall(In approved map boundary wall is there) for barring entry of outsiders, have left the entry open or have constructed gate for mere formality.This is leading to the entry of outsiders and hence road jams outside every society shopping complexes.This is a major breach in security of society also along with encroachment of roads. 

By Abhinav Saini, Ajnara Grand Heritage

Abhinav Saini, Ajnara Grand Heritage

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