dnd: Save Fallen Trees On Dnd: Commuters To Authorities | Noida News - NOFAA

dnd: Save Fallen Trees On Dnd: Commuters To Authorities | Noida News


NOIDA: Nine neem trees, lush and green, stood tall on the DND flyway until a few months back. They fell to bouts of heavy rainfall sometime in September-October last year.
It hasn’t escaped the notice of regular passersby, who have demanded that authorities take immediate steps to try and save the trees that still show some signs of life.
“I have been seeing these fallen trees over the last six months. On one side, we are talking about big claims on planting trees and on the other, the main road connecting Delhi and Noida still has trees that fell months a long time back. DND is full of commercial hoardings, but no one cares about this,” said Brajesh Sharma, a Noida resident who commutes through DND every day.
Another city resident appealed for the same.
“Last year, around September-October, there was heavy rainfall that damaged these trees. But nothing has been done so far. Many trees have been saved after being uprooted, these too can if the authorities give it some attention.
Although the trees have been on the ground for months, their roots are half submerged in soil – perhaps a reason why the leaves haven’t dried up and the trees aren’t dead, experts said on Thursday.
“If these trees are still alive, they can be saved. The concerned authority should consider this matter and find out the reason why these trees fell,” said TK Roy, an ecologist and conservationist.
Others, however, pointed out that this may not be possible and any change could uproot them for good.
“Since these trees are rooted, that is why they are alive and well. They are getting the required nutrition. If anyone tries to fix these trees anywhere else, it can be fatal for them. It’s best to let these trees like this only,” said Dr J Pranab, a Noida-based environmentalist. Officials of the Noida Toll Bridge Company (NTBC), responsible for maintaining the arterial route between Delhi and Noida, said they need permits to move the trees.
“These trees fell last year due to heavy rain. We have not shifted them yet because we need to take permission from the district forest department of Gautam Budh Nagar,” said Dhirendra Singh, DND maintenance manager. When asked, the forest department said they have not been alerted about the issue. “We have not received any letter on this. In such cases, we only remove the trees if they end up becoming obstacles on the road. If they are not, then we don’t do anything so that these trees can survive this way,” said PK Srivastava, divisional forest officer (DFO), GB Nagar.

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