Drains Overflow & Trash Rots On Roads: Kasna A Civc Mess | Noida News – NOFAA

Drains Overflow & Trash Rots On Roads: Kasna A Civc Mess | Noida News


GREATER NOIDA: It is past noon on a weekday, but Robin Bala’s cloth shop is yet to get a single customer. The 35-year-old is contemplating shifting his store, adjacent to the Kasna primary school, to another locality. An overflowing dumpsite next to the school, Bala said, was not just an eyesore and home to flies and strays but also emanated a pervasive noxious odour.
“You can’t breathe in this area. It’s a living hell. Pigs and mosquitoes roam around the dumpsite all day long. Earlier, my shop was located just in front of this dumpsite. I shifted to the corner of the lane, hoping for some respite but it seems no one really ones to visit these lanes. I may soon have to shift to another lane,” Bala said.
Unpicked garbage, poor roads and a lack of proper drainage system have been plaguing the nearly four lakh residents of Kasna town – one of the oldest in Greater Noida which is set to don a “modern cap” soon. The Greater Noida Authority on Tuesday cleared a budget of Rs 50 crore to redevelop the town, located about 50 kilometres from the Noida international airport, by 2025.
Sewer water mixed with leachate has turned the town’s main road into a slimy cesspool. The 500-odd residents of nearby areas are forced to wade through the dark brown water or take a longer U-turn to reach their houses and shops.
Jagveer Singh, who lives near the main road of the town for the past 20 years, said the situation has worsened over the last three years. “People had bought houses near the main road hoping for better access to commercial establishments and schools. But it has turned out to be the complete opposite. Every day, we have to take a longer U-turn to go out or return home. So many children and bikers have slipped in this water,” he said, adding the water at times also entered their houses.
An open sewer on the main road, Singh said, was the root cause of the waterlogging. “We have submitted so many complaints to the Greater Noida Authority, but did not get any positive response. At last, residents pooled in some money to create the drain-like structure to prevent the sewer water from entering the bylanes,” he added.
Ompatti, who lives near the main road, has stopped stepping out unless absolutely necessary. “Inhaling this stench is similar to inhaling toxic gasses. I have stopped going downstairs now to evade the smell and flies. My two grandchildren have been unwell for days due to the unhygienic conditions” the 55-year-old asked. Jaiprakash, who owns a five-storey apartment on the main road, has recently moved to another sector. “I could no longer compromise with the health of my children,” the 45-year-old said.
Dr PK Bakshi, a general physician, said vector-borne diseases were very common in these parts of the town. “Around 20 patients with complaints like diarrhoea, eye infection and typhoid fever among others visit my clinic regularly. During the monsoons, the cases only double.”
According to local residents, after the panchayat system was done away with in 2012 the civic problems had aggravated as people did not know who to approach with their woes. Greater Noida Authority CEO Narendra Bhushan said all civic complaints will be taken up in phases. “We have sanctioned a Rs 50-crore budget for the redevelopment of Kasna alone.”

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