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Ghaziabad administration moots voluntary ‘village solidarity scheme’


Ghaziabad: The Ghaziabad district magistrate on Monday launched an initiative titled the “village solidarity scheme” in which the winning candidate (gram pradhans), and the runner up in the recently concluded panchayat elections, will work in coordination for the all-round development of their respective villages.

“The idea behind the initiative is to bring them together as both have their respective support base in villages and if they work together through a platform, it will be highly beneficial for the development of their village. We have initiated this scheme while keeping in mind development activities in villages,” district magistrate Ajay Shankar Pandey, said.

Panchayat polls are closely contested elections and different groups contest it bitterly, while the results can also lead to differences between them.

In this context, the district magistrate held a virtual meeting on May 28 with the newly elected gram pradhans and the runners up. Another meeting was held on Monday at the district headquarters.

“There were discussions, and several decisions were taken amicably. It was decided that both persons will give a sankalp patra (pledge letter) that they will work together, and the village will be called Gram Sadbhawna village. The winning gram pradhan will be named as kushal pradhan (welfare chief) while the runner up will be called vikas salahakar (development consultant) who will be called in for all meetings of the gram sabhas/panchayats and their suggestions will be noted down,” Pandey said in a press statement Monday.

The statement also detailed certain incentives.

“The block officials will provide both these persons visiting cards. The pradhans will get priority in case they wish to meet officials. The gram sadbhawna will have a different coloured letterhead and their applications will be expedited by departments. The application on the letterhead will be valid only when both the persons present their signatures jointly,” the statement said further.

It added that the initiative will be voluntary in nature and will be implemented if both the winning and the runner-up candidates agree to it.

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