Noida to get decentralised solid waste management plants : NOFAA – NOFAA

Noida to get decentralised solid waste management plants : NOFAA


Several high-rise societies in different sectors of Noida will form clusters and establish common waste processing facilities in the form of decentralised solid waste management (SWM) plants to reduce the burden on the landfill site in Sector 145 and ensure the scientific disposal of waste, residents said Thursday.

The apartment owners’ associations (AOA) of Sector 50 will form the first cluster, followed by sectors 76, 61, 62, 93 and 13, said Noida Federation of Apartment Owners’ Associations (NOFAA) and officials of the Noida authority. The setting up of the plants, which will be financed by the AOAs themselves, has been discussed with the Noida authority chief executive officer, who will soon allot common land for the plants in every cluster.

Authority officials said Noida has over 700 high-rise societies, which house a large population of the city.

“As a part of the Swachh Bharat initiative and to achieve compliance with SWM Rules 2016, we convinced many of the AOAs to form clusters and opt for common waste processing facilities, which will be self-financed as we are aware that it is not legally possible for the authority to provide subsidy to these initiatives,” said Rajiva Singh, president of NOFAA.

According to Singh, by executing a cluster-based approach, the city can get closer to its objective of complying with SWM Rules 2016.

“A majority of the high-rise societies are over a decade old and there has been no provisioning by builders for complying with SWM Rules 2016. No space or funds have been allocated in these condominiums for solid waste management plants. The domestic waste is only sent to the authority’s disposal site as of now,” added Singh.

Noida authority officials said they have sought formal proposals from the residents, following which they will allot land for setting up of the plants.

“We have asked residents’ groups to give us a formal proposal with how many households will be covered, how much waste will be processed and the size of the plants that will be set up. Based on these details, we will be able to find and allot the right land in every cluster,” said SC Mishra, senior project engineer, Noida authority.

He added that the residents will submit the initial proposals within a week and added that while the authority will provide the land, the plants will be set up, operated and maintained by the AOAs with their own funds.

Meanwhile, residents said the proposal for Sector 50 is nearly formalised and is awaiting the authority’s nod. The facility in this sector is expected to manage over 6,500kg of segregated waste.

“There are 24 high-rise complexes in Sector 50 and almost 4,500 families reside here. There are other bulk waste generators as well, such as schools, shops, banks, etc. This facility is planned to accommodate all bulk waste generators so that approximately 6,500kg or more of segregated waste can be scientifically processed and disposed of. Our objective is to achieve a self-sustainable model by sending minimum or nil waste to the landfill,” said Rajesh Sahay, secretary-general of NOFAA.


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